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firebase web app development

Web development of a registration system for integration activities of new students in the computer and electrical engineering programs. The system sends emails and creates teams. It allows multiple permission levels and reports.

This project is an update to the one from last year. It is a total re-write that uses a new interface and scripting engine in PHP. The system is reusable and modular. It was written in PHP7 to assure easy and rapid deployment.

The project was developed with the following technologies :


Intégration GEL-GIF | Régié /portfolio/images/2018-integrationgelgif.1.png Intégration GEL-GIF | Régié /portfolio/images/2018-integrationgelgif.2.png Intégration GEL-GIF | Régié /portfolio/images/2018-integrationgelgif.3.png